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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Another bucket list item...worth the wait

One of the things on our summer bucket list is going to a park. That never happened before all our traveling. Jonah didn't finish at the gym until 1pm and by then it was too hot to play at a park. But, the weather this past week has been lovely. It never felt hot to us and I really doubt it was above 85 any day. Perfect park weather no matter what time of day we could go. 

So, we went a little overboard on park playing, but the kids loved it. All the parks were new to them or felt that way since it had been a year at least since visited last.  They went to the Lititz park on Tuesday, Daniels Den and Woodworks Park in Mountville on Wednesday, and Manheim Boro park on Friday. And, even though it wasn't a park we went for a walk along the Susquehanna River on Thursday afternoon and hiked some in the woods. To the boys that falls into the park/outside category. 

We went to the trail because of a little waterfall named Mann's Run. I had to go. The boys and I had lots of fun climbing in the woods along the rocks and creek. 

This was looking up the creek deeper into the woods.

This was looking down at the waterfall. 

The boys climbed into a small cave. 

Playing at the Manheim park was special for me. I lived there until I was 8 and my heart is always so happy when I get to be in Manheim. I love sharing my memories with my kiddos.  The park is fun and the kids had a blast there, but they liked climbing on the rocks and seeing the covered bridge as much as the park. 

We had fun with Grammy, Grandpa, Kristin, Joe, and Owen in Lancaster. We made tons of memories and went on lots of fun adventures. But, I am really looking forward to being with Emma and Drew again. Tomorrow we are back to being 6 in a picture. Can't wait!!!!

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