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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Wedding weekend

This past weekend my kind of cousin got married in Towanda, PA. I say kind of because Austin is my uncle's stepson. Because they live in the middle of nowhere PA we rarely see one another so I was excited for the wedding.  

My mom, my three, Leah, and I drove up Friday afternoon. After sitting in traffic forever we finally arrived. On the way I made everyone stop at an overlook outside of Wyalusing to take some pictures. I had been commenting for a while how beautiful the views were so I couldn't pass up stopping. One of the things I miss most about living in flat land is mountains. 

I totally failed at taking pictures. There were tons I wanted and I was just too busy visiting to take any. Now I am super bummed about that. 

Friday night my uncle got out his little four wheeler for the kids to ride. They all LOVED it. Again picture fail. Samuel's face was priceless...so happy!  Elena and Leah liked it. Jonah wrecked it twice and ran into a fence one time.  He was obviously fine and not very good at driving it. 

After a morning of playing it was finally time for the wedding. Austin and Sarah were married outside with beautiful views. 

They braided these ropes instead of a unity candle based in the verse in Ecclesiastes (a cord of three strands is not easily broken). What a beautiful reminder to have in their home.  

Of course it was fun to dress up for the occasion. The girls were super cute in their matching dresses!

It was awesome to see Meg again and Zach came in for the wedding!!!  We hadn't seen each other in way too long. It was awesome to meet his girlfriend Katie. I am already mentally planning our trip to visit them in Lander. 

The reception was in a barn. Beyond cool in my mind. My dream is to someday live in a refurbished barn!  

Besides really missing Emma and Drew for normal reasons I really wished they were here for the wedding. It would have been great to celebrate the wedding with them. I also really would have loved to take pictures of everyone by the barn. It was perfect!  This is a barn I would love to have as a home. 

The bride and groom left walking down this hill from the barn. Another perfect wedding moment. Congrats Sarah and Austin!!

After the wedding we had a campfire. Meg, Samuel, and Jonah built the fire. It was a great way to end the weekend. The kids had a blast roasting marshmallows and making s'mores. 


On the way back to civilization ...ha ha...we stopped for more scenic pictures. I couldn't ignore the scenic overlook sign. 

And I couldn't pass up a rocking chair picture. It was my first rocking chair pic since Alabama. 

And another quick stop...

It was a super awesome weekend. It was wonderful to see everyone and I wish I had more pictures. Either way we have the memories!

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