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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Eagle Camp 2015

Eagle Camp always means the end of summer for me for the most part.  That was especially true this year as camp was a week later than usual.  Thank goodness no matter the weather it is a great place to spend time.  Time with family and friends on a beautiful late in a peaceful and never changing camp is a gift. 

We arrived on Saturday way earlier than normal because of a different travel plan this year.  I loved it and I think it might be our plan for future years.  The kids and I met Drew and Emma in Albany which is less than three hours from camp.  We usually have an 8-9 hour drive that day.  We took the day to leisurely travel to camp and do some exploring in the Adirondacks (here).  Arriving at camp at 3pm was great!  It felt like we had the entire day yet to play and prepare for the week.

Ferry ride to camp
 The first night at camp is always a marshmallow roast at the lower beach.  This year the sunset was truly beyond words.  It was a beautiful way to start our week!

My fishing boys

Unfortunately for us the weather was not in our favor for too much of the week.  It rained way too much for my liking and camp was just a little too muddy.  The rain doesn't really stop the kiddos because they will play in anything.  It just gave me a reason to cuddle under a blanket and read.  That was awesome, but I would have much rather been enjoying the outside.

Way too many skies like this
We were headed to the lake when it started pouring so Samuel played in the rain behind our cabin.
Jonah doing a little puddle jumping
This group took a bide ride that began with sun and ended in pouring rain
Hayden and Samuel were muddy messes after the ride
I was pretty sick of my raincoat by Friday
When the sun did shine we took full advantage by playing and playing hard.  Drew and I feel like we rarely see our kiddos because they play so much with their cousins.  It is the perfect safe place to wander and enjoy.  Elena went to school each morning which she loved.  The boys played with cousins and friends.  We competed poorly in the tournaments, but had fun doing it!  Drew and I visited, played games, rode bikes, exercised, went on walks, played tennis, or ran.  There is never a shortage of activity.  Drew and I hadn't played tennis in years and it was a blast.  We need to do it more often.  I was finally healthy enough to participate in the morning exercise class taught by Drew's sister Greta or his cousins Gretchen and/or Erica.  I loved that!  Running was finally something I could do again and that was a true highlight for me.  The shores of Lake Champlain are my favorite place to run.  Drew took the boys sailing, fishing, and kayaking on several occasions.

Emma loved having Alice at camp....Uncle Mark's niece
I did not run up sunset hill this year.  It takes more than my hadn't been running all summer legs had in them, but Drew and I did walk to the top so we could enjoy the view.  I tackled many more gradual hills, but this is a killer. 

Sassy 5 year olds Lauren and Elena
College roommates and friends for 20+ years!  Crazy that Erica just happens to be Drew's cousin too!
We took our annual camp pictures.  I love seeing how they change from year to year.  We did miss Lara and family who had to stay home because school had started.  So, no big Mann family picture this year.
Hetty!  It was her 30th year at camp!

Leaving is never easy because it is way too long until we see Drew's family again.  We were "wa widi'd" this year at Friday night ice cream since we left so early on Saturday.  That stunk, but it made Saturday morning a little less emotional for us all. 

All the cousins did one thing or another in the Friday night talent show.  Their skits were super cute with my favorites being John and Elena singing "Everything is Awesome" from the Lego Movie and a large group doing a "Camp's Got Talent" skit!  These kids are too creative!

Even the weather was gloomy as we left our beloved shores of Lake Champlain....
Our tradition is to eat apple cider donuts for breakfast when we leave camp.  It's the only donut worth eating in my opinion.

We are always happier when we take the ferry picture going to camp.  Despite the rain we had a memory-filled awesome week.  Can't wait to return next year and do it all over again!!!!

Wa Widi Eagle Camp....

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