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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Exploring Lititz one activity at a time

Yesterday we spent the day in Lititz. Lititz is a quaint old town in the middle of Lancaster County PA.  I was looking forward to taking my kiddos to a place I remember visiting as a child. 

Our day started at the park. The kids have wanted to go to a park all summer, but with gym schedules it is always too hot when we can go. They had a blast. There were ducks to feed, equipment to play on, and rocks to climb. 

We have to photoshop Emma in so I can pretend she was with us!

After playing at the park we walked to Wilbur Chocolate Factory.  The smell alone was enough to make me happy. Going inside and trying to decide what to buy was a challenge.  Of course I got Wilbur buds and then we decided on chocolate covered pretzel sticks and a Wilbur coconut candy. Man was that good!

 Our next stop was homemade ice cream for lunch. A summer bucket list item!

Lastly we walked down Main Street to the Sturgis Pretzel factory. It is the first pretzel company in the U.S.  We took a little tour and learned all about the religious significance of the pretzel. Each knot and twist means something and it was really interesting. The three spaces represent the Holy Trinity. The crossed pieces represent how arms were crossed during prayer.  Julius Sturgis accidentally made pretzels when he overbaked soft pretzels. Thank goodness for that mistake!!

Cutest pretzel there ever was!!

We used play dough to practice making pretzels. The kids really enjoyed that. 

The tour ended with a small bag of pretzels and Aunt Kelsey bought the kids a soft pretzel. It was a yummy addition to their ice cream lunch.   We were all about eating healthy...ha!!

Out last stop was the Moravian Church. It is simply beautiful and full of history. We spared the kids more history lessons, but it was a great picture taking spot. 

And, guess what???  Lititz has great old houses with awesome front porches. Those porches were filled with rocking chairs. Guess who had to quickly sit in a strangers chair for a picture?  That would be me!  Twice!

After a super fun afternoon we spent the evening at Kristin's house. The kids played some more and we had a fun dinner.  Cousin time is the best. 

Kelsey, Kristin, and I had a sleep over...fun sister time!  And, I had to complete my ice cream cone challenge. Scott said it was hard to finish a large soft serve come at Twin Kiss. Twin Kiss is one of my all time favorite places to eat pork BBQ and ice cream. I totally thought he was nuts and I was right. It was a piece of cake. Killed that challenge, but Scott thinks it was somehow unfair. I even had Kelsey document my eating progress. I see a rematch happening next summer!
Another day full of family and fun adventures. I really hope my kiddos realize and appreciate how special and fun their summers are. 

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