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Friday, August 7, 2015

An Amish Farm Tour

Yesterday I treated the kids to a true Lancaster county experience. We went on a horse and buggy ride through the country and visited an Amish farm. They loved it. 59,000 Amish live in Lancaster County and it is the oldest population in the country. 52 Amish people live in Texas. 

I learned that I must be really allergic to horses. Almost as soon as I got in the buggy I started sneezing. Then I wanted to scratch my eyes out because they itched so badly. Then it looked liked I had been crying for days because my eyes were watering so much. Finally I could barely breathe. I liked the ride, but wasn't sad that it ended either. Thankfully my kiddos were fine. 

The day was cloudy so my pictures did not come out well.  Lancaster County is beautiful. 

I was very impressed with how much information the kids remembered. At lunch I asked the kids questions about our morning and it was like listening to our tour guide. They loved that kids are finished with school in 8th grade. They weren't big fans of beginning to work in the fields or in the house at age 2. They were fascinated that phones have to be at least 50ft from the house.  Jonah was amazed that one buggy takes 9 months to make.  Samuel was fascinated that the houses have no electric and only use propane.  Elena couldn't believe the kids don't wear shows from April to October.  We learned tons of information. 

A group of boys and their dads on the way to cut tobacco. There were maybe 12 people on the wagon.  

Tobacco hanging in the barn to dry. 

I am so thankful that my kiddos like learning about whatever it may be. Their curious minds are an awesome thing. 

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