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Thursday, August 6, 2015

It was only 85 degrees

One of the best parts of spending our summers away from Houston is the weather. Seriously, the past two weeks have been lovely. Today was really nice...85, sunny, and breezy. It was pretty much a carbon copy of yesterday. Tomorrow is only supposed to be 80. It is 100 at home.  Temps in the low 80's means we have to be outside. 

Today our outside activity was going to my aunt and uncle's house to swim and play in the creek. We do this every summer and the kids really look forward to going. We all do. Today was super special because Kelsey and her kiddos were able to be with us!!  Again, we are missing Emma, but we think about her constantly. 

The creek is always fun for the kids to explore. Jonah was not so willing because the water is cold. Owen shocked me by walking in the creek with me...so brave!

It is tradition to play with water balloons in the pool and have Popsicles. 

And the boys like to "dunk" basketballs. They have gotten pretty good at it. 

Thanks for having us over Aunt Judy and Unlce Gary. Family traditions are the best and will be remembered forever!

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