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Monday, August 24, 2015

Back to School---2015-2016 edition

Another school year began this morning. To celebrate the end of summer and to complete another summer bucket list item we had a fancy dessert last night.  The kids picked a trifle and it was delicious.  We had a really light dinner so everyone could be very glutinous and eat as much dessert as they pleased.  We ate the entire trifle last night!
Everything was homemade except the angel food cake
Everyone went to sleep easily last night obeying bedtime for what I hope will be many nights to come.  Then this morning four little and not so little faces greeted me as I woke them.  Elena was definitely the most excited to get going and to ride that bus! 

Elena, Samuel, and Jonah will all be at Haude Elementary this year.   They were all excited about their teachers.  Elena was the only one excited to ride the bus.  That will probably change!  It was 40 minutes late this morning and I really hope that changes quickly!

Elena said the best things about her day were the monkey bars at recess, meeting new friends, reading books, and going to art.  I think she had a successful first day.  She has talked about it almost non-stop since I picked her up after school.

Samuel liked recess, lunch, math, science, but he did not like music.  Apparently he does not like to sing!  He was smiling almost this big at the end of the day!

Jonah said he had a good day.  He likes his teacher and is excited to go to his switch class tomorrow.  He was happy to have lots of friends in his class.  He never shares too much, but he was smiling so it was a good day!

Emma is at Strack Intermediate again this year.  Lucky girl does not have to leave for school until 8:30 where as the other three leave at 7:30.  Emma was the least talkative about her day which was no surprise.  She was happy not to have homework today and is trying to decide if she wants to try out for regional orchestra.  She was bummed that none of her classes were with her BFF Ashlynn.  She very much liked leaving school one hour early!

These four kids have been attached to my side for years.  It was strange to see them all off this morning.  It was even stranger not to pick up Elena at the ECLP at 2:30.  I kept looking at my watch so I wouldn't be late and it didn't even matter! I know they are well prepared for the year and will do well.  I wasn't sad...even with Elena starting Kindergarten.  I was happy they were all happy and thankful they like school.  What's not to be happy about when they smile like this or are just so silly!

We are excited for school!
But we are still a little sleepy!
Her sleepy pose
Emma got up and dressed in time for a group picture

Can't wait to see the journey my kiddos take this year.....

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