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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Great Falls adventure

On Tuesday Kelsey took us on another fun outing. With the kids being older except Jack of course our options for exploring have increased dramatically!  Just about an hour from their house is the C & O canal. There are great easy to use trails for walking and biking. And there are the Great Falls. We were on the Maryland side. It was pretty cool to look across the Potomac River and see Virginia. 

The trails to the falls are stroller friendly. It is like walking on a boardwalk just narrower. 

It was an absolutely beautiful day. We went early in the morning to avoid the heat which was a good plan. 

This was the first fall we saw and I thought this was it. I was kind of disappointed and glad when Kels said this was just a small waterfall...thank goodness!

This was the second set of waterfalls we encountered. Totally pretty, but still excited to see the big one. 

Finally we arrived at the main waterfall. Simply beautiful and worth the short walk. The kids loved it and all the rocks they could climb. 

Next we walked back the entrance and headed down an actual through the woods trail.  Kelsey and Jack stayed up on the canal trail. I went with the others and arrived at this peaceful spot. 
I love the stillness and reflection in the water. 

After seeing a black racer snake on the trail I was done. I made the kids, much to their dismay, go back to the main path. We walked along the canal, took a few more pictures, and then had lunch. 

Samuel looks so much like my Pop! We are desperately missing Emma on all our adventures and in all the pictures!

We had a great picnic lunch which was cut short by geese. They decided to join our lunch uninvited and it freaked out the kids. Annoying things....

By that time it was hot and everyone was a little tired.  So I guess the geese interruption wasn't too awful. It was a great morning. I highly recommend visiting the Great Falls!  Thanks again Kelsey!!!

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