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Friday, July 24, 2015

The best of the rest of July

Four of us are off again today.  Emma has to stay because of gymnastics.  Yes, she still practices as much as she can.  The season starts in September and hopefully her finger will be ready to go by then.  Drew has to work.  Part of my heart will remain in Texas, but I am excited to have a little adventure with Samuel, Jonah, and Elena.

July was crazy busy and we had lots of fun adventures.  I haven't shared every photo I took.  Could you imagine how long that post would be???  There are some moments I don't want to forget so here goes....

On our way to North Carolina we stopped in Alabama for lunch.  We were about 30 minutes north of Mobile in the middle of nowhere and I am not exaggerating at all!  We happened upon a historic park where we ate lunch and then toured the historic buildings.  The buildings were from the mid 1800's.  There was an old store, a church, a house, and a work house.  We all loved it except for the snake I saw!
They ate lunch in an old wagon

Outside the old store

The organ worked

Outside the work hut
We had a very social dinner together at Buffalo Wild Wings!  Actually the kids mostly played while waiting for our food, but I thought this was just too funny not to capture.

I sat in just about every rocking chair there was in the South.  My first and last rocking chair were in Alabama...

Samuel packed a few hats to go to North Carolina.  This time he has 8 hats packed...slight obsession!

The kids learned how to play drums and thoroughly enjoyed it!

I took my favorite pictures of the summer thus far.  Well, Kels took the family pic, but I took the one of Samuel and Drew fishing at sunset.

The day after we got home VBS began.  This was Elena's first year to attend VBS and she loved it so much.  Emma was a helper this year and enjoyed being a leader.  It was a crazy tiring week, but oh so fun!  The kiddos besties went with us....Conner and Carmendy!

Samuel played his last baseball game of the summer.  He had a great last game going 3-3 with a double and two singles.  As soon as the game ended he asked when football begins.  He only has to wait three more weeks and he will be playing baseball at the same time.  It will be busy!  Love my #5!

We took advantage of Chick Fil A day.  The kids dressed as cows and they had free food...yum!

We went to the lazy river one more time.  It will probably be the last time this summer and we had a really fun day.  Of course, the kids think we need season passes for next year.
Being lazy and relaxed in the Lazy River

Emma and I were finally able to complete our first volunteer hours with NCL.  We went to a local assisted living home and worked the "horse derby".  It was so silly and so fun!

Last, but not least, because it was a top five for me this summer was going to the Imagine Dragons concert last week.  Drew gave me tickets for my birthday and I had no idea we were in row 4 until we arrived!  How awesome is that?  Being close was great and the concert was AMAZING!!!  I will definitely be at their next concert in the Houston area.  We had the best night!
Where is he looking?
Spoiled by Drew and so thankful!

Can't wait for it to be cold so I can wear my new hat!
Our next stop this summer is Bowie, MD.  Kels....here we come!!!!  There are more pictures to take, memories to document, people to visit, and places to explore!

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