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Monday, July 20, 2015

North Carolina 2015: All about the water

My parents house is on Dawson Creek, which I think is more like a big river.  It is not what I picture when I think about creeks.  The creek is big enough for all kinds of boating, tubing, water skiing, etc.  While we were there the weather was ideal although sometimes a little too hot.  It never rained and the sun shined every day.  So, that meant we spent everyday at the pool, on the creek, at the beach, or boating or some combination of that   .  It was what we all love to do so we played in the water all the time.

The pool is a short bike ride from the house.  The kids loved being able to ride bikes and feel independent.  The only bummer was Samuel's foot injury.  Because the cut was glued he wasn't supposed to get his foot wet.  We tried...we really did, but the glue came off by maybe day four.  We kept it clean and let him participate in all the activities with him.  I just couldn't make him sit by and watch everyone else play. 

Because of the crazy number of shark attacks along the North Carolina beaches we did not go to a beach on the Atlantic.  That decision seemed even wiser when a shark was spotted swimming along the shore of the beach we normally visit....yikes!  Instead we went to "Shark Beach" which is just what my kiddos call it.  It got that name because we find lots of shark teeth on the beach and always have.  We also can boat there which is fun for everyone!

We did lots of boating and just a little bit of fishing.  It was kind of hot for that.  The kids were more interested in kayaking in the morning instead of fishing this year. 
Our boat ride to breakfast in New Bern

Jonah took a little nap one afternoon on the boat!

And the kayaking....

Jack is a little too little, but he liked sitting on them

The funniest thing about all our water activities was discovering that Kels and I think alike even when we aren't together.  We both love Target and shop there regularly.  We realized that we separately purchased parts of the same bathing suits.  Without even trying we wore them on the same days...crazy and pretty funny!

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