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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

North Carolina 2015: Tubing edition

We just returned from a great visit with my parents, Kelsey and her family, and my cousin Meg in North Carolina.  We had a fantastic trip with two exceptions and one of those occurred while tubing.  This year at the quiet mention that Drew and I might buy a tube, my mom did it.  So, just like that we had another activity to entertain the kids and adults. 

The weather was beyond perfect for our visit so we spent all day everyday outside enjoying some sort of water activity.  Since tubing at a whim was new this year, I think it was definitely a highlight for everyone especially the kiddos. 

Everyone tubed except for Mammy and Pappy.  I plan to attempt convincing them to give it a go next summer!!!  Except for Kelsey no one was really nervous except maybe the little girls and by the last day Leah and Elena just wanted to go faster and faster.  For seven little people all under 12 speed and being crazy daring was all too common.  They are all nuts!

Taking pictures while people are tubing is a challenge.  If I had my good camera on the boat I snapped some good pictures.  With my phone...not so much.

We finally convinced Leah and Elena to tube together instead of with a parent.  After a little hesitation they were sold it was the best thing ever.  They are daredevils in the making at age 5!
Just chatting like it was no big deal!

Jonah was a total nut.  He moved all over the tube trying to make his rides as nerve-wracking as possible for me as.  He is also freakishly strong so he was all but impossible to get off the tube.  Scott finally managed on our last day and Jonah loved that part too!  He and Samuel re-surfaced screaming and fist pumping how awesome it was to get thrown from the tube!

Going full speed and acting like he was sitting on land.

The older girls...Emma, Hanna, and Maya loved going together or with Meg.  Occasionally they would ride with a parent, but Kelsey, Scott, Drew, and I were not cool enough for them most of the time.

More daredevil antics from the big girls

Occasionally the parents were allowed on the tube!

All was good until a week ago when Emma flipped off the tube.  It looked harmless like every other time someone went off the tube.  However, it wasn't harmless and she ended up with a broken ring finger.  Still, being a thrill seeking girl she tubed again on Friday, but her ride was much calmer!

And just a few because it was so much fun and their faces were just priceless!  I can't wait to tube again next year with everyone. 

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