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Friday, June 26, 2015

Our first month of summer

This is already the third full week of summer.  The past few weeks have been almost overwhelmingly busy, but we have managed to fit in lots of fun as well.  Our busyness is the result of crazy gymnastic schedules and camps.  Samuel attended three camps.  Jonah went to one camp.  Only Elena has been leisurely and carefree!

School officially ended on June 4th, but we all know that week was filled with nothing.  They all had successful 1st, 3rd, and 6th grade years.

Our first outing of the summer was going to the Rob Fleming Aquatic Center or the lazy river as call it. The kids love it and with Elena being little everyone has something to keep them happy.  I feel like Splashtown is on our radar, but I am delaying that as long as I can!

I ran my first really long run in over a year.  Actually the last time I ran longer than 17 miles was April 6, 2014 so to be able to finally have a really good long run felt awesome!

We love to go to the pool and probably go 4 times a week.  There are two pools in our neighborhood.  One has a diving board and the other has two slides.  Elena was so nervous to go down the slides, but now she thinks it is so fun!
This boy!

Sitting on water!
Samuel went to a football camp for three days and had a really great time.  He loved the tackle dummy and thinks we need to purchase one immediately.  Next he and Jonah went to Scout Day Camp.  Tropical Storm Bill cancelled one full day and half of another, but they still had a fun week!  Lastly, Samuel went to a baseball camp with his friend Jackson.  He loved every second of this camp!
Football camp with two coaches from Klein Oak
Buckets are ready to go for Scout Camp
Samuel and Jackson at Baseball USA

We had a small birthday party for Emma.  She had two of her best friends sleep over after dinner at the Cheesecake Factory.  Emma was a champion and ate her entire piece of cheesecake.  She then declared being full for the next three days!  I can't believe she is 12!

Maddy, Ashlynn, Emma, and Elean

Jonah and I jetted off to Vegas for three days for a gymnastics competition.  Then I took Emma the next day to LSU for a gymnastics camp.  Besides both those activities Emma workouts four days a week as does Jonah.  I am pretty positive my van could drive to both gyms on autopilot!

Last weekend we went to A Day in the Country concert.  It rained during the daytime part of the concert so we skipped the first four acts.  Thankfully the sun came out in time for the best part....A Thousand Horses, Brothers Osbourne, Brett Eldridge, and Darius Rucker.  I was so excited to see the last two perform and super thrilled that Darius played several Hootie songs too!  Total bonus for our $15 tickets.  The only bummer was missing Emma because she was still at LSU.

Late night, but these kiddos are troopers!
Aunt Lara, Kristen, and Miriam visited us this week.  It was super fun week jammed packed with fun!  We went to Top Golf, the pool, and to the lazy river.  They also got to experience our nuttiness with baseball and gymnastic activities. 

These two were so sweet together all week!

Drew and I celebrated our 18th anniversary when I was in Vegas.  It was a bummer to be apart, but that is life with four active kids.  It is our life and we love it.

July is going to be just a nutty and busy, but I don't think we could "do" a summer any other way!

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