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Monday, June 15, 2015

What happens in Vegas....

Vegas isn't somewhere I ever thought I would take Jonah or any child, but that is exactly what I did this past weekend.  Jonah had an AAU gymnastics meet there on Sunday morning.  It is an optional meet.  However, Drew and I decided to take Jonah since his entire first Level 6 season was a no go because of his broken ankle.  Nine boys from his team went so it was a fun weekend of hanging out with teammates, their families, and seeing the sights in Vegas.

Our seats were on the right side of the plane so we had great views of the Grand Canyon.  So, so, so amazing.  God's earth can leave me speechless at times.

Love these clouds

Lake Mead

Hello Vegas!
We left really early Saturday morning and with the time change we arrived early!  The meet was at the Westgate Resort.  This hotel is located north of The Strip and isn't the fanciest hotel, but it was fine. We had all day Saturday to play tourists and Sunday after the meet.  Not wanting to tire out Jonah we did not do much on Saturday.  We went to the pool.  It was crazy packed because when it is 100+ degrees that is the best place to be.  We did spend some time on The Strip, but it was a quick trip.

Saturday night we walked through the MGM which Jonah thought was pretty cool.  All the smoking in public places was disgusting and bothersome to both of us.  I don't know how people work in the hotels and casinos. 

Some teammates across the street from New York

We visited the M&M store on Saturday.  That was the best bad idea of the weekend.  I am now the proud owner of a LARGE bag of peanut M&M's and they are a huge weakness for me.  It is a 4 level store and just lots of fun to explore.  I think we were in the store for about 30-40 minutes....seriously!

Sunday morning was meet day!  After a great sleep Jonah was ready to compete.  He was excited and did okay.  Overall, he did way better than he did in January.  Can he do better?  Without a doubt and Jonah even said it was not his best effort.  I told him I was proud of all his work to come back from his broken ankle.  It has been a long spring for him!  Having some success was good for him.  For me personally, I am ready for him to have his breakout meet.

We celebrated after the meet with a team pizza party at the pool.  So, you know it never rains in Vegas.  Well, it rained on us.  In fact there was a thunderstorm and the pool closed.  It was all for the best because it gave Jonah time to rest before we went to dinner. 
What the heck Vegas?
We arrived on The Strip just after 5pm.  We bought some souvenirs and went to dinner at Serendipity.  I was so excited to eat there.  I had wanted to eat there in New York, but Drew and I couldn't get a reservation.  Jonah and I had a super light and small dinner so we could over-indulgence in dessert.  Really that is why you go to Serendipity.  We ordered the Frozen Hot Chocolate....no words for how good it was...and the Death by Chocolate Cake and Ice Cream Sundae....again no words for the cake.  It was so much chocolate and excessive sweetness, but it was GOOOOOD!  I would eat it all again!

I was most excited about the Frozen Hot Chocolate
Jonah was most excited about the Chocolate Cake Sundae

We did a pretty good job!
We both felt a little sick after eating all that yumminess and were thankful for a few hours to walk on The Strip.  We took all the stairs we could and literally walked from one end of The Strip to the other end.  It was a tiring, but fun 4 hours.  We spent some of it with friends and some time just the two of us.

Caesars Palace
Statue of Liberty out of jelly beans
All chocolate

Jonah liked this little fountain (I forget what hotel it was nearby)
Hello Paris!
The Bellagio waiting for the water show which we saw twice

When we arrived on The Strip it was HOT and when we left it was still HOT...how do people live there??  Jonah was exhausted, but he said he had tons of fun.  He did enjoy seeing all the craziness that is Vegas with as much PG sights as I could provide!
Hi to The Strip
 Good-bye Strip and getting ready to head to the monorail and call it a night!
It was a whirlwind trip.  It was lots of fun.  It was busy and tiring.  It was filled with adventure.  Jonah's top four moments were the meet, the M&M store, Serendipity, and the Bellagio light show.

Love this sweet boy and I am so thankful for the memories we made this weekend!

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