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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Happy 12th Birthday Emma

Emma's 12th birthday was yesterday.  The girl who made me a momma is growing up really fast!  We had a fun day celebrating Emma and it was extra special because two of her cousins happen to be visiting this week.  As is tradition we started the day singing "Happy Birthday" and letting Emma indulge in the wonderfulness that is ice cream for breakfast.  As a little side note, pint selection is a little slim because of the Blue Bell issue so we had to go with Ben & Jerry's...one lucky girl!

After spending the morning at the pool (total picture fail on my part) we headed to Top Golf in the afternoon.  This activity is on our summer bucket list and we were all very excited to go.  Miriam and Kristen have some golf skills, but we don't.  Either way it was a silly, fun hour of hitting golf balls.  It just proved that my kids need to stick to gymnastics, baseball, football, and whatever Elena picks.

As you can see from this video, Emma is way better at gymnastics....

Kristen, Lara, and Miriam

Getting a ride back to the van
Life goes on despite it being a birthday so Emma had gymnastics from 4-8pm.  She ate her birthday dinner of bacon wrapped steak, cheesy mashed potatoes, and roasted broccoli and mushrooms in the car. But, we saved dessert and presents for 9pm because that makes sense, right?

So, Emma on her 12th birthday loves many things....elephants, fushia and lime green, bacon, watching shows and reading on her Kindle, hanging out with her bestie Ashlynn, fixing Elena's hair, baking, avoiding cello practice, playing school with Samuel and Elena, annoying Jonah in any way possible, sleeping late, and of all things the tv show Sophia the First!

Emma is still a little girl at heart. Things that the world thinks is cool for almost teenage girls, Emma does not.  Emma is excited about going to Youth Group. She works hard at school so she can continue gymnastics.  We may annoy her at times, but Emma likes doing things with all of us. She knows her family is awesome and loves her.

Emma is starting to spread her wings.  She asks for little bits more of independence.  I can see the teenager coming out in her in good and no so good ways.  She is okay with being away from us, but she likes coming back.  As a friend told me, "roots and wings".  Give them the roots to be the person God intends for them to be and let them fly.  They will come back to the roots....the home...their family.  I see Emma doing this.  While scary and hard for me and Drew, it is wonderful to watch at the same time.

Emma has made some big changes in her life in the past few months.  I am so excited to see how she carries herself through this time of transition and growth.  Her wings are stretching and getting stronger all the time.  Each year with Emma is a gift.  She is a gift to us.  I know this next year will be great.

Happy Birthday Emma!!

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