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Thursday, June 4, 2015

The final three days

This was the last week I ever get to spend with just Elena from 8:15a to 3:35p.  She starts kindergarten in the fall and the daytime becomes school time five days a week.   Days off become four kiddos and me.  So, this was it and I wanted to have a memorable week with my little sidekick!

On Monday, I let all the kids play hookey from school and we went to the Rice-UL game at UH.  The kids loved skipping school.  They had no idea what playing hookey meant which I thought was hilarious.  Rice unfortunately lost, but we had a fun day together.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and today were just for me and Elena.  On Tuesday we went to a splayground and park.  Elena loves parks so I knew she would have tons of fun.  I love to watch her imagination play out as she creates such silly scenarios so it was a win-win.

On Wednesday we went to the Houston Zoo and spent some time at the splayground at the zoo.  It was a hot day and the water break refreshed Elena for the last part of our visit.  We went with her bestie Carmendy, her mom, and her brother.  Those two girls are trouble, but in the best way.

Coolest exhibit at the zoo!

Today was Elena's choice day.  She decided that we needed to paint this morning and that is what we did.  After lunch with Jonah she wanted frozen yogurt.  Who was I to say no to that?  Then, here is surprise....she wanted to go to Collins Park.  It was 93 degrees and 1pm, but we went to the park for almost two hours.
Guess which one was Elena's?
Here's the answer!
We had to walk on the trails
I think the kids going back to school will be harder than normal for me next year.  For the most part I have had a child attached to me since 2003.  Twelve years of taking care of someone all day long all the time.  Whatever will I do with myself now?  Who knows?  That is still to be decided.  What I do know is that being a stay at home mom is hard work.  Hard work that is frustrating, but oh so rewarding and fun.  I wouldn't trade a minute of it...well maybe one or two!  I am definitely going to miss my park loving, crafter, exercise partner, shopping buddy, and all around silly girl next fall.

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