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Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day weekend

Thank goodness for three day weekends!  We needed it so we can survive the craziness that will be the next 4 days.  But, that is not the point of today and this weekend.  It is to remember those who have sacrificed everything so I can be selfish and enjoy a three day weekend with my family.

In between raindrops and horrible storms we managed to spend some fun time outside.  When the sun finally came out for good on Sunday evening I think the whole area woke up.  There were people everywhere we went and it was such a good sight.   Rain, please go away.  It has been devastating and so horribly sad.  We need no more of you for now!

With the sun shining, we went to the pool and the park.  We took a fun walk to get a treat.  We honored the fallen by attending a ceremony at the Fallen Warriors Memorial.  That was the most important part of our weekend.  And, man did that lead to come interesting dinner conversation tonight.  I am so thankful my kiddos are interested in history and love this country!

Pentecost Sunday was yesterday and I was so inspired by the sermon.  I can't wait to share that later this week!  Emma was with her BFF at her church and Drew was still recovering from what has ailed him the past two weeks.  So, it was just me and these cute three!

A little pool time was had yesterday and today.  Today was a much nicer and we could play for longer.  Jonah, always being cold, needed to snuggle with me.  I was in no way cold, but I let him snuggle since he is so cute!

We had dinner last night at Collins Park.  I needed to be outside and so did all the kiddos.  They had a blast playing and running.  To make the night even more enjoyable we walked to Raos for some gelato!  Yum!!

This is a favorite park because they can also walk on wooded trails

Our 5th child Ashlynn was with us

Jake and Elwood with the kiddos
Today it was really important to me that Drew and I communicate to our kiddos why they had off school.  I decided to run 5 miles in honor of the 5 branches of the military.  That gave me one reason to talk with them about Memorial Day. 

Emma snapped this gem of my sweaty self
This afternoon we took everyone to the Fallen Warriors Memorial near our house.  We went with our friend Tina and her two boys.  All the boys are in scouts together so we had them dress in uniform. 

This was the first time we had been to the memorial.  I have driven past it tons, but have not taken the time to visit it.  It is beautiful, peaceful, and respectful of those who served.  I was super proud of the all the kiddos.  They were very respectful.  We were there for the 3pm moment of silence and playing of Taps.  Well, to say that was emotional for me would be an understatement.  It was quite powerful and made a big impression of Emma, Jonah, Samuel, and Elena.
Emma's favorite quote and thing she really remembered
Diego, Enzo, Samuel, and Jonah
Elena decided to make a card for the soldiers...melted my heart!

Samuel said the boot and gun was something he would always remember
Jonah said that he remembered the scripture quote from John 15:13  "Greater love has no one than this:  To lay down one's life for one's friends."  It is on a memorial stone at the entrance. 

I am so thankful others are so filled with courage and bravery that I could enjoy this weekend and all the other blessings in my life with my family.  They and their families are forever amazing!

We are just a little bit patriotic at our house

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