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Monday, May 4, 2015

My Favorites Moments

We were so busy last week that I barely had time to sit.  My kiddos keep me constantly on the go, but that isn't anything new for any mom.  Some of my favorite moments from last week were....

Elena and I went to Kindergarten Round-Up on Tuesday morning.  Yep, she is officially registered to begin school and to ride the bus!  She is super excited.  We celebrated her enthusiasm for the day and happily leaving Haude at the appropriate time with a huge cupcake.  Elena really wanted to stay all day.

Then we spent the surprisingly chilly day at the park.  I swear Elena could spend all day at a park or a pool.
It is challenging to take a selfie while giving a piggy back ride!
Thursday Elena and I ventured away from our normal parks and went downtown to Hermann Park.  It was absolutely beautiful and we had lots of fun exploring a new place.

She got really wet despite the no bathing suit

I was her stopper at the bottom of the hill
Another water place to get wet
A pretty little Japanese garden
Friday was field day at Haude.  I spent almost all day at the school watching the boys complete silly fun activities.  They had a blast and were super tired that night.  Thankfully I had my friend to keep me company all day.
Always concentrating....this is so Samuel

My field day partner!
Then on Saturday we went to the pool for the first time.  I did not get in the water.  It is way too chilly for me, but the kids played around for two hours.  They asked to go again on Sunday....crazy kids!

We also spent a good part of last week completing all the necessary things required to change gyms.  Emma's last week at Basel's started today.  After 7 years she has decided it was time to challenge herself at a different place with new coaches.  Drew and I are so proud of her for making this decision and stepping outside her comfort zone.  Things are about to change in a big way for our family and prayers this week for Emma would be appreciated.  It will be a bittersweet week for her. 
From her last meet as a Basel's gymnast

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