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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Roatan, Honduras.....please can we go again NOW!

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you already know that Drew and I escaped to Roatan Island for five days.  Five glorious days of just me and Drew and whatever we wanted to do or discuss.  Simply wonderful!

Drew gave me this trip as a present for my 40th birthday.  It was really a present for both of us and that it was.  Being totally honest, I tried to talk him out of it because it just seemed like too much.  How stupid am I?  I will not do that again because Drew was totally right in picking where we went and how much we needed a getaway.   Drew and I have been married for almost 18 years and together for almost 22 years.  This is our very first vacation out of the country or anywhere for that matter for just us....no family with us, no business involved, no practices involved.  If you read between the lines...yes, we did not have a honeymoon.  Eighteen years in the making and every second was awesome.

We arrived last Thursday at noon and were immediately greeted by beauty.  The Barefoot Cay resort is quiet, tranquil, peaceful, and beautiful.  I was in love at first sight.  Drew picked a place that was very private, kid free, and calm.  Literally we did nothing for three days.  It was wonderful.  Upon arriving at the resort, checking in, and having a tour we were given  a complimentary drink....welcome to paradise!

We had to ride on that boat across the small canal to the resort.  I loved that!
Our little cottage was Zeni.  It had a small kitchen, a bathroom with an outdoor/indoor shower, and a bedroom.  We had a view of the ocean right on the little beach.  So perfect and again very private.
I don't really like hammocks, but Drew does so he was in heaven!
Our little private beach area
The resort is completely surrounded by water so we could snorkel, dive, kayak, swim, lay by the pool or beach, paddle board, or just sit and do nothing.

I don't dive because of a crazy fear of drowning.  I do snorkel because that is totally different.  However, while we were in Roatan it was exceedingly windy.  Windier than normal according to the staff.  And, by windy I mean every day all day the winds were between 25-35mph. 

The palm trees looked like this all week
So, we did not paddle board.  The water was too rough for that.  I snorkeled one time.  I could not get a good fit with my mask and every time I came up to empty it I was beat up by the waves.  It was really unpleasant above the water.  The sights below like the sunken boat, cool fish, and other underwater things were fun.  Drew was more tolerant and he snorkeled 3 or 4 times.  We kayaked one day and it was fun, but tons of work because of the wind.  Other than that we sat and read, napped, or talked.  Perfect!

The food was amazing!  Gourmet food at every meal!  We enjoyed everything we tried.  I especially loved the fish, the homemade granola, and the cheesecake.  I can't even describe how good it was.  So, dessert was a must because eating this cheesecake had to happen daily!

The resort did the little things to make our stay even more special!  Each morning we had a little towel animal on our bed. There were fresh flowers on all the tables around the pool and at the meals.  Details!
On Monday we finally decided to leave the resort.  We rented a car and drove all around the island.  There is one main road so it was impossible to get lost.  Roatan is pretty mountainous at times so the views were breathtaking.

We finished our tour at the East End beach.  It was deserted and beautiful. 
The color of the water amazed me everyday

I questioned Drew for a good while one afternoon about the coconut trees.  Later that day he decided to get one out of our tree and cut it open for me.  That is no easy process, but so worth it.  I can now say I drank coconut water from a coconut!  So cool!
This tree was next to our porch

Excuse the wind blow look, but I was happy about my treat!
As I already said, this trip could not have been more perfect.  The weather was great.  The food was delicious.  The staff was so kind.  Our little cottage was just the cutest thing.  I would go back tomorrow if I could, but I am positive my kiddos would kill us.  They think they are going next and that is not happening anytime soon!
The palapa where we snorkeled

All parents need a break like this in my opinion.  We spend so much time devoted to our kids...as we should right now...that we as a couple sometimes get left behind.  But, that was all cured with this time together to remember all the reasons why we love each other so much!  He totally spoils me and I totally love him! 

Our last picture
Leaving Roatan was good and bad.  I could have stayed several more days and been happy.  But, I was starting to miss my kiddos.  We were ready to see their smiling faces!    I told Drew on the way home how wonderful I loved our time together in such a beautiful place.  Then I asked him if we could go on another trip sometime sooner than the 18 years it took us to take this trip!

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