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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

A day in Annapolis

Yesterday Kelsey took us into Annapolis to tour the Naval Academy and to have fun in Old Town Annapolis. I absolutely love Annapolis. I love the history, the boats, the old houses, the brick streets, and the setting for the city. It is just a fun quaint town. 

We both thought touring the Naval Acadmey would be fun for all the kids but especially Samuel. He still is focused on being an Army Ranger and Kelsey is hoping to convert him to the Navy. She wants him close to her!

We visited the welcome center before heading on to the campus. It is beautiful and immaculate.  I swear there is barely a leaf out of place. And peaceful...which is ironic considering it is the Naval Academy. 

The kids loved seeing old pictures of flags, uniforms, and weapons. Again, Samuel was in his own personal heaven looking at everything. 

While on campus we walked around, visited the Chapel, toured the John Paul Jones crypt, and saw Plebes. Seeing the Plebes was exciting for the kids and the moms!

After visiting the academy we headed into Old Town Annapolis. We tried to beat the rain and failed. While we waited out the storm we indulged in some yummy fudge from a store owned by Kelsey's friends. It was yummy!

When the rained stopped we walked around the streets and went to the Capitol grounds. Unfortunately our time was cut a little short by more rain. 

It was a super fun and educational afternoon!  Thanks for sharing your "places" with us Kelsey!!

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