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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Jonah's State Meet

Yesterday was Jonah's last official gymnastics meet of the season...Texas South State meet in Alvin, Texas.  Alvin is not really near our house.  I took a wrong turn and we had to sit in traffic twice because of accidents...not so fun!  We made it just on time.  Good thing I was the only one aware of our time issue and Jonah was clueless!

Jonah had high hopes for himself at this meet and I wish I could say he was a happy dude when it was over, but there were tears.  As he talked to his coach, I watched Jonah try to be so brave.  He was trying so hard to be a big boy and hold back the tears.  It just was not working and my heart was broken.
Waiting for his team to be announced
Jonah faded as the meet progressed and he had a really low score on high bar (8.5).  That did not help his overall average and thus no all around medal.  He did medal on pommel horse...a bronze for his score of 9.4.  I must say this is just too ironic because Jonah could not do his routine in December for anything.  He has improved his score by two full points since then and I am so proud of him.
Getting his bronze state medal and looking very unhappy
His scores were:

10.1 on rings and still no medal.  He was quite sad about this
9.9 on floor and again sadness
9.3 on vault.  He really wanted a vault medal.
9.2 on parallel bars
9.4 on pommel horse
8.5 on high bar

His AA was 56.4.  His AA in December was 51.1.  That is a remarkable improvement to me for four months of work.  I am proud of Jonah.  He is officially finished competing as a level four gymnast.  Next December he will be one of the youngest level five competitors at the meets.  I know he will be great!
A little happier at lunch


  1. Wow! What an improvement on that AA score. I don't know much about gymnastics but 8.5's-10's sound like great scores to me! Way to go!

  2. Cool pictures. Congrats on the improvement!