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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

March Photo Dump

I did a really poor job at blogging in March.  So much family visited which was awesome, but it kept me from writing as many family updates as I like to do each month.  In an effort to catch up and to document before I forget here is a massive photo dump from March. 

After the crapfest otherwise known as the Woodlands Marathon, Drew took a picture of me in front of the finishers background.  I refused to post it previously, but I am over that disappointment so here it is.  Drew also took a cute picture of the kids waiting for me to finish.  Maybe next time I will finish closer to the time of the clock!

We did a little ice cream taste testing when Scott and Kelsey were here.  I prefer Private Selection Vanilla Bean and others preferred Blue Bell Vanilla.  We of course had to take a picture.

The kids posed for this awesome picture at the Blue Bell factory.  I totally forgot to include it on my post about our visit.

Mammy and Jonah played Solitaire.  Jonah loves to play cards. 

Pappy and Samuel had a grand and lengthy discussion about a pirate book.  The book is in German (from a friend) and the boys LOVE it.  There is a poop deck on the ships and they think that is hilarious!

One of my dearest friends, Kim, celebrated her 40th birthday with a super fun party. 

I tried to take a self portrait so I could update my Facebook picture.  It is just okay, but I love the sweater!

Jonah and Grandpa played basketball almost daily during their visit. 

Elena got a bucket for Easter and she thought it would be fun to wear on her head while grocery shopping.  Yes, people looked at me like I was nuts for allowing this to occur!

Samuel is learning to ride his bike without training wheels.

Emma is still loving her American girl doll and playing with her big girl dolls. I am so thankful for this.  I hope she stays young for much longer!

We had some play time at the park yesterday and I snapped these cute pictures of Samuel and Elena. 

Now I am all caught up!  Our April is crazy busy so I need to do a better job of keeping everyone updated on our craziness. 

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