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Friday, April 26, 2013

Haude's Family Fun Night

Emma and Jonah's school hosted a family fun night this evening.  There were bouncers of all types, food, dancing, games, face painting, a photo booth, and who knows what else.  Keeping track of five kids (our neighbor boy and Jonah's friend came with us) was plenty to keep me and Drew busy.  Emma went off with her friends and I saw her one time in 2 hours.  I was pretty nervous about this, but I know she needs little tests like this.  She is getting older whether I want to acknowledge it or not! 

The boys loved the bouncers....a huge Titanic slide, a maze, a bungee cord bouncer, and a laser tag space ship bouncer.  Wow was that thing popular.

the bungee cord jumper...he never touched her hand
Samuel never did either
Getting ready for Laser Tag with his friends Conner and Nils

Elena and Samuel got their hair sprayed.  Samuel loved it so much he refused to wash his hair.  I can't wait to see his sheets in the morning.

While the big kids were doing their thing the "little" kids played on the playground.  I am pretty sure Samuel could spend all day running around a playground.

Before we left each kiddo picked out a dessert....four cupcakes and a small bag of cookies!  Thankfully they were all so tired that I don't think there was any sugar high to delay bedtime.

It is such a blessing that Emma and Jonah attend such a great school that sponsors family friendly events.  We are thankful for Haude each day!

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