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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Jelly Beans, the park, and spring cleaning

Tuesday is one of my favorite days of the week.  I get to run in the daylight even though it is on the treadmill....that means I sleep until after 6:30!  Samuel is home from school.  I try to plan something fun for him, me and Elena to do.  And, we usually get some little project completed in the afternoon.

Today started with my run.  I had no plans to run long so I just ate a small banana.   I ran 3 miles and needed to take care of some kid stuff.  Three sweaty and hard miles in 27:52 were done.  I think they were hard because I did too much cross training yesterday.  That is never a good idea for me the day before I run.  I decided to run 3 more and near the end I could tell I was starting to feel not so hot.  It was crazy humid and warm this morning.  That with a lack of food was not a good combo.  So after 27:42 of running and 3 more miles finished I found some jelly beans to eat.  I needed quick sugar and I am still afraid to use GU.  I would have just made breakfast, but I had already decided it would be fun to run 3 more miles.  I wanted my last set to be the fastest so quick energy it was.  Those little jelly beans did the trick.  I felt much better almost immediately and I cranked out 3 more tired miles in 27:25.  Phew....not expecting 9 treadmill miles this morning, but I will take it!  There is nothing special about this run, but that I did it and it makes me happy!
Gross and stinky after my run and so very hungry!
Our fun activity today was the park.  I have lots on my plate at the moment so a nearby park was all we had time to do today.   They love this park because of the merry-go-round.  It makes me sick to watch them, but Samuel and Elena can go around and around forever. Elena's friend Carmendy came with us and Samuel made a friend at the park.   That gave me lots of time to take some pictures!

This afternoon our activity was to clean out the boys closet.  I did mine, Emma's, and Elena's last week so it was their turn.  Samuel was excited to help and he actually was helpful.  I still think we have way too much stuff in these closets, but trust me when I say they are organized and clean.  It makes me happy to open the doors and see all our hard work!
Boy's closet
Emma's closet
My closet
Pile being donated tomorrow.  I should have taken a picture of all the trash bags too!
While Samuel and I worked, Elena napped.  She has not been feeling great and she was tired from playing all morning.  Sweet girl....

I love spring cleaning which is good.  I have many more closets to attack this week!

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  1. Sometimes jelly beans really it the spot! You might like to try VFuel gel. Luke's Locker, in the Woodlands, carries it. I liked the peach flavored one.