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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Our weekend in pictures

The weather this weekend was amazing!  It was coolish in the morning and a perfect 70-75 in the afternoon.  The only thing to do with weather so great is to be outside. 

Drew left in the dark on Saturday morning to drive to Brenham with a friend for a 60 mile bike ride.  Um, no thank you, but Drew loves that sort of thing.  Unfortunately for him, around mile 40 his tire became unrepairable when it was slashed by a piece of medal.  His ride ended early, but he still had good guy time.  Because of his ride, I ran on the treadmill and just looked at how lovely it was outside.

After a relaxing morning, we played outside all afternoon.  We had lunch in the backyard.  Before we went to a birthday party, the kids played basketball, jumped on the trampoline, played on the swing set, and made all sorts of designs on the driveway using side walk chalk.  It was a wonderfully relaxing and fun way to spend the day.
Emma's friend Ashlynn spent most of the day with us.
They received whistles in the party goodie bags and had such fun with them.  I LOVE this picture!
Since Saturday was go fun, we decided for a repeat on Sunday.   We added a little playtime at our church playground.  The kids were willing goofy photo participants today and that made me so happy!.

Samuel was sliding off as I was taking this picture...so funny!

Emma with a little photo bombing!

Today I finally ran outside and it was easy and hard.  It is again really windy.  I think our winds today were consistently 15-20mph and I am pretty sure that I was running directly into the wind for 6 miles.  Still, after an 8:30 first mile I decided to keep it all at that pace.  The last mile was tough, but totally worth it to see that on my watch!

Tomorrow we are back to normal....school, gymnastics, Tiger Scouts, and who knows what else will come our way.  I hope everyone had a great weekend!


  1. Sounds like a perfect weekend! So envious of your weather. We were cold, windy, and rainy all weekend.

  2. Love all those pictures!! That whistle one is so funny- I just all their different expressions. You can totally see all their own personalities shining through!!

    And very nice on that windy 6 mile run- great pace!!