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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Our unplanned weekend

This weekend was supposed to be fun and full of excitement for new things.  Instead, it was filled with sickness....ugh!  We did get to have some fun and some new adventures, but mostly sickness.

The boys had their first baseball game on Saturday.  Before the game I lost my phone and and forgot the camera so no pictures.  I was so annoyed.  But, it was mostly a fun time for everyone.  The boys did well.  They had fun.  I was entertained.  Elena and Emma had fun playing at the playground. 

The night before the game Samuel was just a little excited.

I found my phone when we got home and took some pictures. 

Because Emma had an evening birthday party, Elena, Jonah, Samuel, and I went out for dinner and dessert!  At that time everyone felt well enough to enjoy our dinner at Fuddruckers and dessert at Yogurt Worx!  That was the best part.

Saturday afternoon went pretty much as planned until about 6pm.  I knew that Drew did not feel well.  I knew that he had finished day 1 of the MS150 ride, but it had been tough.  What I learned after our dinner was that he was barely functioning because of the stomach bug.  There would be no day 2 riding for Drew.  So, at 6:40pm we all left to pick up Drew.  It was a late night for all, but the kids were really good.

I was so sad for Drew.  He loved the first day with the exception of feeling like crap.  He was excited by the crowds, the atmosphere, and happy to ride with his friend Thomas.  He had trained for the ride all to be done in by the horrible stomach bug.

He spent most of Sunday like this...

If you are keeping count, four of us have had this crappy stomach bug.  Only Emma and Elena have been spared and I pray that continues! 

Here's to a much healthier week!

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  1. Oh no!! Sorry to hear that dreaded stomach bug is still hanging out around there. Abi had it last Sunday (while I was in Boston) and miraculously no one else got it. I think that's a stomach bug first around here. I hate that Drew was unable to finish his MS150. I hope he recovers soon and can find another one that fits your families schedule.

    I hope everyone gets healthy and STAYS healthy very soon!!