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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Our crazy week and running thoughts

Ever since the news broke about Boston on Monday I have not felt even the tiniest desire to blog about anything.  Anything in our life seems so insignificant to those events.  I can't even kind of imagine what it was like to be there running or spectating.  The loss of life, the loss of security, the loss of innocence....it is all so senseless.  But, as with anything major event that takes over my thoughts, our life still has to go on.  I still have to complete my mom and wife duties and try to do a good job at it.  So what have we been doing all week?

We have been running Jonah around everywhere.  Not actually, but it seems that way.  In addition to gymnastics, Jonah also had a Tiger Scout outing on Tuesday and a pack meeting tonight.  I went on the bakery tour as did Samuel and Elena.  They loved it because they all got ice cream and a cookie.  I will not go tonight because they will be learning about snakes and a snake will be there.  No way!
The carpets were cleaned today and the boys thought it was funny to have everything on their bunks.
Samuel spent most of Monday night vomiting all over the hallway, his bed, and the bathroom.  This little fun continued Tuesday morning.  He is feeling better now, but what a mess.  I love doing laundry at 2am and cleaning carpet at 2:30am.  On the bright side, I have spent lots of time with Samuel this week.  That part was good!
This is about as active as Samuel was all week...poor guy!
Elena is just as cute as ever being the perfect little sister.  Just kidding!  But, in reality she is a trooper going to all the activities of Emma, Jonah, and Samuel.  Last night at dinner Elena told us "you could post that on Facebook!"  I thought Drew would die laughing.

Emma is learning new skills at the gym and is very excited.  On Monday they began using the real vault.  She said it was scary running full speed at something you knew would not move.  She is braver than me!  Drew said she did great!
Getting ready for gymnastics
Drew learned "how" to be a coach for the boys baseball team.  That begins on Saturday.  Drew will miss the first game because he will be riding the MS150 with his friend Thomas.  We are going to Austin on Sunday to see him finish.

I have not been feeling great...very tired.  Still, I made time to run on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Tuesday was a 5 mile treadmill run which was awful.  The humidity was crazy bad.  Yesterday I ran 11 miles and the weather was still crappy.  I was thankful for each run...that I could run and I know Monday's events won't keep me from races either.  It is sad to me that I will think about such events at any future races. 

I have accepted the fact that I can't go to Pittsburgh to run with my friend, the awesome blogger here, as planned.  I am still horribly disappointed.  Someday we will run together!  To help get over this I decided to sign up for a local half marathon, the Angel Run.  It is going to be totally awful weather.  Running a fast half Memorial Day weekend with likely high temps is not going to bode well for me.  Still, I plan to enjoy the race and be thankful I can be part of such a great cause.

I also got new shoes and a running skirt.  New running gear makes me happy.  We had to go to the running store because I finally decided to trade in my Woodlands Marathon shirt.  Apparently the printer misprinted the shirts.  Since I never looked at the shirt (hated that marathon) I did not know this, but I found out through FB postings.  Since we were there I decided to try the Brooks Launch. I love my Glycerins and wanted to try a more minimal shoe.  They worked well on my 11 mile run. 

Green on has 26.2 Half Marathon...Um, I ran all 26.2 miles of that suck fest!

Boring stuff I know, but it was our week!  Hope you had a great week too!


  1. Family life stuff is never boring!! :) You seem to take a vomiting child much more in stride than I do! :) We should talk about a run in Washington sometime (or maybe I need to make a return trip to Houston sometime)!

  2. I'm sad too, but I know we'll meet up someday even if it's not in may.

  3. Glad you have been having a good week :) 11 miles on a TM sounds like a mental challenge. And it must be very warm there already!

    Interesting about the shirt! Oops!! I love the launch- and here there will be some new colors out this spring on the Brooks website.