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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Elena's 1st visit to the dentist

Elena visited the dentist for the first time this morning.  To say she was excited is an understatement.  She has asked to go every day since I scheduled the appointment last week.  I kept hoping that she would be just as excited at the office and thankfully she was.  Really, she was the model patient.  I was so proud and also a little sad. 

While we waited for Dr. Pittman I watched Samuel and Elena play.  It occurred to me that this is just the beginning in a long line of firsts that I will experience for the last time.  As happy as I am to be hitting these milestones, it is still hard on the momma heart.  I want to remember each moment so it can forever feel like yesterday.  As sad as my heart may be, it is a total joy to watch Elena's excitement.  She loves being a big girl and catching up to her big brothers and sister.  Any sadness on my part is tempered by her smile.  How could it not be?

Finished with x-rays!
Samuel was Dr. Pittman while we waited to be seen

then it was Elena's turn
rockin' her shades!
Elena picked birthday cake for her toothpaste flavor.  As we were leaving, Elena asked where the birthday cake was.  It was the perfect funny comment to end a very successful trip to the dentist!

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