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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Jonah's Maximum Horsepower Meet and other stuff

Today was the second to last meet of Jonah's season.  It always seems to me that there is so much practice for so few meets.  I can't believe he will compete for the final time as a level 4 gymnast in two weeks.  As for today, it was great!  This meet has a different format than most meets.  It is a team competition so no individual medals.  The rotations are also much faster, which I actually like.  I think Jonah did too because there was less down time to get bored, hungry, or whatever.

Individually Jonah has his best overall meet today.  His All Around score was 57/60 which is super great.  He did not have his highest scores on some events, but others he did.  Jonah's lowest score today was 9.0 and again awesome.

His scores today were
9.0 on Pommel Horse....his absolute highest ever
9.0 on Rings
9.5 on High Bar
9.6 on Vault
9.9 on Parallel Bars
10.0 on Floor

He was happy.  His coaches were happy with his performance.  His team did well too.  They finished 3rd overall and received this cool trophy.

After the meet, we had some downtime and lunch before heading off to a Lego Fair.

So precious!
It was at a local school and free.  I am all about free activities with four kids to entertain while daddy is on a 60 mile bike ride (he had a good ride with no issues today!).  We met our friends there which made the activities even more fun!

There were tons of fun Lego activities that the kids enjoyed.  There was also a petting zoo.  Samuel is still very afraid of them after being attacked by the goat at the rodeo.  Poor guy!  They also had one of their favorite treats...snow cones!
Listening to directions
Building their towers
Lego painting, which I thought was so clever

Elena and Samuel being silly with clown noses
Of course, the snow cones
Then, as if that was not enough fun for our day Elena wanted to show me her new bike riding skills.  Elena can now ride the "big" girl bike with training wheels.  She figured it out yesterday and is very proud of herself.  I am proud as well.  By the way, there is nothing wrong with her face.  Elena decided yesterday that her cheek would be a good place for a band-aid.

No idea why I let her ride without a helmet in the other pictures...
I also have to say that my day began with a 10.3 mile run with my new longer distance running friend Jenny.  She is faster than me...hello 3:37 marathoner!  But, she is kind enough to run with me and I hope it will make me faster.  Today we ran 10.3 miles in 1:28 and change....awesome.  The best part besides the great conversation that passed the miles so quickly was that not one single mile was hard. 

Phew, it was a fun filled full day.  Tomorrow is going to be just like today...oh my!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

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