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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Today was Emma's day!!

Today was definitely Emma's day.  It all finally came together and I saw her smile all afternoon.  It was a blessing for all of us, but especially her.  Emma's journey to this meet has not been easy and the reward was definitely sweet!

Emma started gymnastics when she was 4.  She was asked to be on the competitive team two years ago.  Initially I think she joined the team because her friend was on the team and Jonah was on the boy's team.  Then, she grew to love it and had some success.  Then just as quickly, she grew to hate hit.  Last summer and early fall were tough times.  She cried more and wanted to quit more than any girl should want to quit a sport.  With some encouragement and stubbornness Emma hung in there.  She overcame the big pits and slowly worked her way back up the mountain. 

The climb was not easy and there was definitely back sliding.  The fall season was rough.  Her January meet in New Orleans was pretty miserable.  She earned her lowest score ever on any event.  It crushed her, but Emma still pressed on at practice.

Emma gives 9 hours of her week to gymnastics and then who knows how much more time at home.  She can do nothing during the week except gymnastics and school.  It is a sacrifice, but she does love gymnastics.  Now she loves it again and I could not be happier for her.  Emma's perseverance to arrive at today inspires me!

Today Emma was confident and pretty on each event!  Emma finished today's meet as the 1st All Around in her age division!  She earned all 9.1's or better.  Her AA score was 36.9....just perfection for Emma!!!

Her scores were 9.1 on beam, 9.2 on vault, and 9.3 on floor and uneven bars.  In her age division she was 1st on floor and bars, 5th on beam, and 2nd on vault.
5th place for beam
1st for floor
2nd for vault
1st for uneven bars
Getting her AA award!
The girls team finished 3rd overall.  One of Emma's teammates was 1st AA in an older age division.  All the girls did great today!

Emma with her AA medal!!
 I told Emma I could just burst with pride.  She thanked me, but told me not to burst!  Way to go Emma...we are all so proud of you!!!

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