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Friday, March 15, 2013

Spring break day #5---the rodeo

Today we ventured to the Houston Rodeo.  We arrived early and the place was nearly empty.  We took the tram from the parking lot to the main entrance.  The kids thought it was such a fun ride.  I was just glad we did not have to walk that far with 7 kids!

The boys got new boots yesterday and we quite proud of them!
The lack of people was quite the surprise and wonderful!  Knowing that everyone would be exhausted at the end of the day we took pictures immediately.  That was such a good decision!

We knew it would get hot and the crowds would come so we headed straight for the Ag Area to see all the little animals.  The kids went in the petting zoo first.  Everyone loved it except Samuel.  He screamed as soon as he entered the gate.  A little goat attacked his cone of food and it scared him.  Elena and Hanna were the last two to exit the petting zoo.  They loved it!

We then saw newly born lambs, piglets, calves, and chicks.  Oh my goodness they were so cute.  We learned about how honey is made, how to weave, soil types and how to milk a cow.  The kids sat on tractors....huge tractors.  The pretended to work on a farm and collect food items.  They got new cowboy/girl hats. 

new hats
Lunch was a highlight.  Emma has been looking forward to eating sausage on a stick, french fries, and drinking a Fanta all week.  This is the one time of year she can have all the junk at the same meal and she loves it.  All my kiddos love sausage so to eat it off a stick was a definite highlight of their day!

Emma ate the entire thing!
So did Jonah!
After 5 hours at the rodeo, the kids were done and so were the adults.  I bought my first "fried on a stick" food on our way back to the tram.  I let the kids talk me into getting fried cookie dough.  It was cookie dough dipped in funnel cake batter and topped with powdered sugar.  It was kind of gross.  The kids loved it!  It totally forgot to take a picture.
Samuel resting...he was so tired!
I loved them resting with their hats covering their faces!
Elena fell asleep on the way to the tram!
I talked Kelsey into getting a "Texas" shirt to wear to the rodeo.  By Texas shirt, I meant a shirt with lots of bling on it!  Of course we forgot to take a picture at the rodeo so we took them in the backyard. 
Kelsey was really into the rodeo spirit today....
Kelsey and Scott
So, I would say today was a great end to our Spring Break week.  We had tons of fun with Kelsey, Scott, and the girls.  There are too many memories to list, but I am so thankful for them.  I am so sad they are leaving tomorrow....

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