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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Spring break day #3---Blue bell and bluebonnets

Today we headed out of town to Brenham.  Our plan was to tour the Blue Bell Ice Cream Factory, take some bluebonnet pictures, and eat lunch at the Brenham airport.   I hoped we would see bluebonnets on the way to Brenham.  I swear we saw about 20.  I don't know if it is too early or too dry, but it was pitiful.

Thankfully, the Blue Bell tour was lots of fun.  I was a little worried about the kids getting bored hearing about how to ice cream is made.  They loved it.  We saw all the machines in operation, which was pretty cool.  We saw how the 1/2 gallon and pint containers are filled, ice cream sandwiches being made, ice cream cones being filled, and Popsicles being made.  The factory is so clean.  My favorite little fun fact was it takes milk from 60,000 cows to produce a day's worth of ice cream!  Holy cow!!!

After the tour, you get free ice cream.  I was expecting a little scoop of vanilla.  Much to my surprise and total happiness that was not the case.  There were 16 flavors to pick from and it was not a small serving.  I had red velvet and it was very yummy!

I was laughing hysterically because the hat kept blowing off my head.  My head was too big for it.
The hat fits Kelsey's little peanut head, but not me!
After eating ice cream at 10 in the morning (really that should happen everyday), we decided to try to find bluebonnets.   We drove to Independence, Texas and found this little gem of a place.  Supposedly it has the best display of bluebonnets in Texas.  Well, it did not today which was a huge bummer.  But the old trees were fantastic and we all had a little history lesson.  The first boys and girls Baylor college was at this location.  Then it was decided to moves the boys campus to Waco and then Baylor college was there.  There were awesome remainders of old buildings and much better explanations on various signs.  It was super cool!

yeah, that was the pathetic field of bluebonnets
Cool building remains
Cool trees for climbing and the kids did lots of that

After some picture and playing time, we headed to the Brenham airport to eat lunch at the 50's diner.  We hoped to see planes land and take off as we ate.  However, there was an airplane accident on the runway that morning and thus, no more flights for the day (no one seemed to be hurt).  Still, we had a yummy lunch.  The boys liked the waitresses in poodle skirts and everyone liked the jukebox.  All the kids had hot dogs...some of the largest hot dogs ever. 

Of course, I had to take a picture before we left and not one child could see.  I think this picture is too funny!

Today was so fun...full of great adventures and fun memories.  I can't wait to see what we do tomorrow!

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  1. Great pictures of all of you...I loved seeing them all enjoying things so much...too bad about the blue bonnets....as I remember, we saw them a bit closer to Easter many moons ago. The girls were the beautiful flowers..eh? Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings! It's so neat that they all enjoy each other and each new thing, I think! Love to all....G/M/MM