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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Carnival Time

Last Saturday Emma, Maya, and Hanna organized and hosted a carnival for their cousins/brothers/sisters.  They had planned the event for at least a month during very long phone conversations.  They spent the end of the week working on gathering supplies and making signs.  They were very excited and so was everyone else.

They had several stations to play games and even games just for Leah and Elena.  It was a very well organized and fun event. 
The ribbon cutting to being the games
The dress up center
Our characters in costume!
The fortune tellers
Picking a prize
Baby Stroller Race
Hanna monitoring the snack station
The ring toss
Some of the other games were dinosaur races, jumping on the trampoline, scavenger hunt for the little girls, and running races.  Even with all those fun games the kids still loved playing in a large box that had our new patio furniture in it.  I will always wonder why we just don't give empty boxes as presents.

Maya, Hanna, Leah, Aunt Kelsey, and Uncle Scott are back in Maryland.  Emma was bored all day yesterday...maybe a little lost without her constant companions.  I think it may be a long 12-14 weeks until we see them again.  It definitely feels that way.

We had an amazing Spring Break.  I liked not having to make lunches, wake early, rush people to school, and worry about getting homework accomplished.  I love the ages of my kiddos.  They are independent enough that they entertain themselves for a while and I get some free time.  But, they are all still young enough that they like to hang out with me and Drew.  We can go more places because we don't have to worry about naps.  I am ready for summer!

Back to the grind tomorrow...boo!

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