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Monday, March 11, 2013

Playing outside

Today was absolutely beautiful outside.  It was a little too windy at times, but the sunny skies were pretty.  We had to be outside.  Seven children in one house is also another great reason to play at a park.

There was a little playing this morning and some Lego assembling.    They boys were happy to have Uncle Scott help.  Samuel thinks I am not very good at Legos because I am a girl!

Last fall I discovered the most wonderful park just 10 minutes from our house.  There is a cute little play areas, tons of places to eat, walking paths, and water features and a pond.  I knew this would be the perfect place to entertain 7 children for hours.  I think we were there for about 2 hours.  The kids were also super excited because Uncle Scott treated them to Whataburger for lunch. 

The kids plays, picked flowers, ran around, fell down way too may times, and hopefully made lots of fun memories.
Kels and I snuggled to stay warm!

Enjoying their Whataburger.
Kelsey and Scott
On your mark, get set, go....
They had so much fun rolling and running down this little hill

Yeah for a fun afternoon at the park
After all that playing Emma and Maya made us some brownies for dessert.  They were so excited to bake by themselves and the brownies were really yummy.  I still may like box brownies better, but homemade is always more fun!

Tomorrow we are headed to another park.  I love Spring Break and having our family here to play with all week!

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