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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Happiness at my house

I am still getting over my marathon debacle.  I have thought about it tons and gained some positive perspective on the experience.  I feel much better about the run....well, some of the run.  I have received amazing feedback from some people whose opinions I truly respect.  It is all coming together in my mind.  And, I feel good.  Nothing hurts, is sore, or aches in the least little bit.  That is a total blessing!  I could do an entire post about those thoughts, but they are boring compared to this.

My sister and her girls were supposed to arrive today.  The massive snowstorm that was to shut down Washington DC resulted in their flight being cancelled.  Holy moly that was an awful moment for all of us.  Thankfully, Scott was able to get Kels and the girls on a flight last night and they arrived a day early....woo hoo!  Talk about the best medicine for a post marathon funk!  It is wonderful to have them here.

Today was a joyous day of playing and playing and playing some more.  Well, I should say the kids played.  Kels and I visited while enjoying the crazy beautiful day!  I did nothing all day and it was a little weird, but so enjoyable.  They are here for 10 days.  It is going to be total bliss!
Hanna, Maya, and Samuel swinging

Hanna waiting for the popcorn
The air was so dry today that the girl's hair was hysterical on the trampoline.
Emma, Hanna, and Maya all dressed up for something
I actually did do one thing today.  I baked these amazing chocolate chip cookies.  I love when new recipes are a success!

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