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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Fun Run

No, I have not gone running yet.  I feel like I could, but I am refraining all in the name of gaining as much weight as I can post marathon and respecting my knees.  Emma and Jonah ran today and I have tons of pictures to share.

Today was the Fun Run Fundraiser at Haude.  For the past week Emma and Jonah have been seeking pledges/sponsors for each lap they ran.  The track is 1/15th of a mile so being a lap sponsor won't break the bank.  I love this fundraiser.  It helps raise money for the school and they get to exercise while doing it.  The goal is 30 laps and the max is 36 laps.  They both ran 36 laps. 

Kelsey, her girls, Samuel, Elena, and I headed to the school early.  We planned on taking lots of pictures and being really loud cheerleaders! All these pictures were taken while we waited for the action to begin.

Jonah's grade ran at 8:30 this morning.  It was an amazing morning to run....cool and sunny....perfect!  Jonah is a funny runner.  He is probably like most kids.  He starts like a rocket and fades to the finish.  I was impressed with his steadiness this year.  I think he ran almost all the laps.  Almost each lap has a different theme like run like your favorite animal, skip, speed walk, run with a family member, race your friend, and so on.  It makes it interesting for the kids and fun to watch as well.  During Jonah's run only Elena and Leah would run with him.

I love this picture of both his feet in the air like he is flying!
Taking a little running break

yeah...I am done!
The cheering squad was a little tired the second time.

 There was an hour break between Emma and Jonah.  After a quick errand we returned to cheer on Emma.  Emma was a little more interested in socializing with her bestie Ashlynn for most of the run.  However, knowing that Jonah ran all 36 laps was a tiny bit of motivation for her.  Emma does not like to be out done by Jonah.  This time everyone ran with Emma, but of course I could only capture a picture with a few of them and Emma.
Emma and Ashlynn
Emma was getting a little more serious about her efforts

Finished and happy!
I am so proud of Emma and Jonah for running all the laps this morning.  Jonah ran with gusto for most of the time.  Emma took her time and paced her effort.  It just shows me that there is more than one way to accomplish a goal!

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  1. Great pictures!! What a fun day! I am right there with you... I'm about to lose it from not running. Making myself wait one full week. HARD.

    Hang in there! :-)