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Monday, December 22, 2014

Three Christmas Traditions

Every year we as a family do certain things during the Christmas season.  I really want my kiddos to remember having fun family traditions that they will perhaps pass along to their families one day.  So, each Christmas we go to Market Street to take pictures at the Commons area and to see Santa.  I know some of my older kiddos have questions about Santa, but thankfully they keep those opinions quiet!

These are some of my favorite pictures of them that I take all year.  Considering how many I take that is saying something.  I love the festiveness of the pictures!

Another tradition is baking cookies.  I bake most of the cookies, but we always bake the cut-out sugar cookies as a family.  I give over total decorating control and it is interesting to see what happens.  Red hots were popular this year.

Our last must do every year tradition is building gingerbread houses.  I bought the kits at Michaels which might be cheating, but I can't stand the smell of gingerbread.  I added some additional candy choices and the kids were in heaven.  I love seeing them concentrate so hard on the houses and to see what creative choices each one makes.  Everyone does their own except Elena who still asks for the most help.

I think they all did a great job.  Samuel said he wasn't going to eat his because it was too pretty!

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