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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Elena's birthday party....she is almost 5!!!

Elena's birthday is this Thursday.  Being in the middle of the week, we had her first big birthday party for her this past Saturday.  She invited some friends from school, church, and Carmendy.  Leah was here in spirit!

Of course, Elena wanted a Frozen party.  Since I am not super creative at all I consulted Pinterest and planned a fun, fancy party.  I enlisted the help of Emma and her BFF Ashlynn.  Eleven year old girls are super helpful!
Ashlynn, Elena, and Emma
Emma made the Olaf for "tape the nose on Olaf" game.

Ashlynn helped me make the marshmallows. 

Everyone helped with the crafts...making snowflakes and snow globes.

We had Frozen themed foods for a snack.  There were carrot snowmen noses, pretzel stick snowmen arms, blue jelly bean snowmen eyes, and cheese stick snowmen. 

Then there was the cake.  I made blue candy and broke it up so it looked like ice.  The cake had ice cream in the middle of it so it was a "Frozen" cake.

Two hours later the kids had played, crafted, eaten, and opened presents.  It was a fun morning for Elena.  She was so excited to have this time with her friends and to be the center of attention for a little while. 

Elena and Isabel
Elena and Lauren
Elena and Lilah
Elena and Carmendy
Elena and Rhiannon
Elena and Adam
Elena and all her silly friends
I can't believe my baby girl is turning 5!  Where or where does time go?  I am so thankful she has a fun group of friends to help her celebrate turning one whole hand!

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