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Monday, December 29, 2014

The Texans game....my super awesome Christmas present

In October Emma went to a Texans game with Drew.  In November Drew went with the boys and then with Scott.  I really wanted to go to a game so I asked Drew to get me tickets for Christmas.  That is all I wanted.  Drew gave me tickets and to say I was surprised by the gift is an understatement.  I expected to get tickets if I am being honest.  Drew is a great gift giver.  What I didn't expect was our seats.  We were on the 50 yard line 11 rows from the field.  Shocked, excited, and giddy about going to the game.

We met friends for breakfast because the weather was awful.  We had a parking pass and would have tailgated because we love to do that.  But, I don't do rain for anything so we ate breakfast in a restaurant.  I totally forgot to take a picture...big fail! 
It was so cold (40's) made worse by the rain.  It really was so gross.  Bonus was I decided to wear Emma's cute Texans hat because I knew it would be a horrible hair day!

You know you are in Texas when there are statues like this outside the stadium.
So, field level tickets...yeah I was a little bit excited.  Really I am so thankful Drew loves me because I was a smiling fool all day long.  I wanted to take pictures everywhere and with everything!

These guys were so gracious taking pictures with anyone who asked
As everyone knows, I adore JJ Watt.  What is not to love?  He is an amazing football player...simply amazing!  As a person he is even more amazing.  Read about him if you don't know about JJ.  He should be every child's football sports hero in my opinion.

When he came on the field for pre-pre game goofing around and warming up I literally told Drew to get out of my way so I could take a picture.  Then I kind of shoved Drew out of my way.  I really mean it when I say it is a good thing Drew loves me and knows I love him.
Pre game stuff on the field
and there is the man himself....JJ
Pre-game selfie
I was a total nerd and wanted to be in the stadium when the gates opened at 10:30.  I did not want to miss a thing.  Again, Drew totally did whatever I wanted so we saw everything.  Some of the players come out early and mess around with the people on the sidelines.  JJ did and so did other players.  It was fun to watch.  We took lots of selfies.  I couldn't resist. 

Good thing I gave Drew that sweatshirt for Christmas. It was so cold in the stadium
I think Drew was happy when the game finally started because I put my phone away.  NRG stadium has beyond horrible cell reception and I really love football.  As much as I wanted to see JJ in person I was super excited to see the game.  I mean a win could have meant a trip to the playoffs (totally blaming Johnny Manziel for no playoffs by the way).  

Super cool way to enter the field
JJ as part of some pregame video to get the fans hyped...hilarious!
Coin toss with Kasey Musgraves...so cool!

This was the opening kickoff and it is my favorite part of the game.  I know that is probably totally silly to some, but not to me.  It means that the game has finally started and the best parts are about to happen.  I just loved loved loved watching this game so up close and personal.  There are so many things that you don't see on television.  For instance, during every offensive third down the same 4 players got off the bench, put on their helmets, and got ready to enter the game on punt duty. They were like little ants and it was funny.  The offense and the defense do not co-mingle like at all.  Everyone sits in the same seats on the bench.  The guy that kept answering the phone was so funny.  How he heard anything is beyond me.  Coach O'Brien does not do much obvious coaching during the game.  It probably happens...who knows.  But he mostly keeps to himself and talked with Keenum when he came off the field.  We were close enough to hear the defensive coaches talking to the players...so awesome!  Just some very cool stuff to observe for this football loving girl!

Offense about to score....just wait for it....
And there it is...Andre Johnson #80 leaving the field after he caught a TD
And then there is the defense which is my personal favorite.  The stadium is so silent during offensive series.  But, the defense is another story. It is crazy loud.  People stand and cheer like mad and that included me.
Defense on the field
JJ was a little happy after getting a safety and his 20.5th sack of the season
The Texans allowed the game to be interesting until the very end.  Phew...it was close and so exciting, but the Texans prevailed 23-17. 

post game selfie
I was so excited to see JJ.
Yeah I took a lot of pictures of JJ
I was so happy to go to the game with Drew.  I was just so happy all day long! 

It is amazing how empty the field looks after a game...kind of sad.

It was still cold and gross after the game.  We still walked around some, but did not stick around for much of the 5th quarter party.  I was just too cold and it was still raining.  I wish we had because JJ and Keenum came out to talk with the fans.  Oh well...another game.

Thank you for an amazing day Drew. It was awesome and I love you for giving me the memories of up close football, seeing JJ play in person, and spending the day with you. I just love you!

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