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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

So this post if very, very, very overdue.  Life has just been overwhelming and time is not on my side at the moment.  I decided that tonight no matter what I was catching up on my blogging.  I want these memories documented!

This year Kelsey, Scott, the girls, and Jack came for Thanksgiving.   We made these plans last winter so to say I was looking forward to Thanksgiving all year would be a huge understatement!  Our nine days were jam packed full of fun.

We went to Emma's state gymnastics meet.  This is the first time any of them have seen Emma at a meet in person so it was extra special for Emma and Kelsey and family!

We went to Gene Burroughs park one afternoon.  The kids spent forever trying to run...literally run up a tree trunk....so they could sit on a branch.  Jonah made it up on his own.  Samuel had help. The girls tried really hard, but never made it to the branch.  It was quite interesting to watch.  Kelsey and I have some super determined kiddos. 
They made it up
They tried really hard to get Hanna up onto that branch
This was a different tree and much easier to climb.  It was getting down that caused some scares!
All our sweet kiddos!

Love this picture of Maya and Samuel
Our neighbor does crazy fun lights at Christmas.  Maya was super excited about all the lights and the lights being set to music.  So, one evening the kids had hot chocolate and watched the light show.

We went to Zoo Lights on a warm evening and had lots of fun.  It was the first time any of us went!

Kelsey and I spent one afternoon shopping.  Oh my goodness was it fun!  I loved spending time with just Kelsey and of course Jack.  Drew was still working so Scott being an awesome dad and uncle took the kids to lunch and horseback riding.  I kid you not....horseback riding!  They had so much fun!

I started running again while they were visiting us.  I love running with Scott so I was so happy he could encourage me on my return to running.  We took the kids with us one morning!
Jonah, Samuel, me, Hanna, and Scott
Obviously there was Thanksgiving and lots of cooking to do.  Our neighbors joined us and other friends came for dessert.  It was a great day!
kitchen selfie getting ready for Thanksgiving

Cutest Thanksgiving backside ever!!!
To end our time together we celebrated Hanna's birthday!  Maya and Emma created a science fair for her with different activities.  Of course, there were presents, a fun lunch, and cake!

Finally, since it is me and Kels we took tons of other pictures. Kelsey actually took our Christmas card/family pictures and they are awesome!  Here are some of my other favorites from our time together.  Summer can't come fast enough for any of us!

Watching the Dancing with the Stars finale

This little boy...no words!
The three boys....look out world!
Kelsey....I think we might have to plan a quick visit for the Spring!  Summer is just too far away!!!

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