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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas Eve

The day is almost here!  Tomorrow is Christmas!!!  My kiddos are so excited and thankfully because NORAD tracker said that Santa would be here soon, they are in bed.

Tomorrow is fun, but I loved today. We spent the day as a family enjoying each other and our church family.  It was a joy-filled day as we finished our final preparations for Christmas.

The day began as it always does on Christmas Eve....gifts.  Those gifts are pajamas, but they kiddos are still excited.

Drew and I were crazy prepared for Christmas so there wasn't much to do today.  I even had time to set our table for Christmas breakfast.  Since we had extra time, we all went to the track.  I had to run 800m repeats and they kids enjoyed the cold weather.  They played football, flew a kite, ran some here and there with me, and played on the playground.  An hour of fun and enjoyment in the cold weather was perfect for our morning.

Running backwards in front of me...silly boy!

Love my family
Our evening is always spent at church. This year just like last year we attended both services.  Emma, Jonah, and Samuel participated in the children's musical.  Elena will be able to next year.  It was wonderful as always.  Each one had a line to speak throughout and the songs were beautifully sung....truly heartwarming!    The candlelight service was lovely as well.  I think our church is beautiful and we love our church family!

Before the day can end, treats had to be spread for the reindeer and treats had to be left for Santa.

We are missing our family tonight as we always do.  We can't wait to talk to everyone tomorrow and share all the joys of Christmas day.  We love you all!!!

Merry Christmas Eve from our house!!!

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