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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Our girls night at The Rockettes

I have seen the Christmas Spectacular with The Rockettes several times in NYC (the best show).  Eight years ago I took Emma when the show was touring in Houston.  The show is back again this year and I knew Emma, Elena and I would go.  I was so excited to have a girls night with my girls!

The show started at 5pm so Emma had to get out of school early.  I think she liked that as much as the show itself. 

We had plenty of time before the show for pictures, shopping, and a snack.  The girls each wanted a fun little souvenir.

Emma loved the show.  She is old enough to appreciate the amazing talent of the dancers and all the technical difficulty.  Elena was bored during the talking parts, but loved all the dancing.  She was completely mesmerized during the Santa dance and the Christmas story portion of the show.  My favorite is the toy soldiers dance, but honestly I love all of it.  It is-was truly spectacular. 

I hope I don't have to wait another 8 years to see the show again with my girls!

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