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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Day in photos

As you can imagine I took tons of pictures today.  I always want to remember the fun and joy of our Christmases.  Today was not perfect in some ways and in others it was.  I am so thankful for my little or not so little family of six!

Santa came and Ellie our Elf left.  That caused some tears from Elena.
The note to Santa and his reply along with a little treat
Santa gifts
Happy kiddos
We opened gifts from our family after Santa's presents and stockings.  The nice thing about my desire to have more than one tree in the house is presents from different family can be placed under different trees.  Then we had a yummy breakfast.  
The kids tree with all their ornaments

The kids of course got little things, but this Christmas was more about family experiences in the coming year.

New hats

New scooters
Learning we now have season tickets to Rice baseball
The boys finding out they are going to Monster Jam and the meet and greet in one week
Drew reading about our New Year's Eve date to hear the Josh Abbott Band
Elena was a little excited to get tickets to Frozen on Ice in April
Emma was happy to get tickets to the DWTS show in January
And I cannot wait for the Texans game this Sunday with seats just a few rows behind the Texans bench!
These three also got new bikes while Emma got a new Kindle
post bike ride-run
Since it was a warm day they were all able to enjoy being outside playing with their new stuff.  The boys went on a bide ride-run with me.  Each rode two miles while I ran 4.  It was fun for all of us.  Drew got us a new fancy camera.  I can't wait to learn how to use that!  I will really makes my kiddos crazy with pictures now.  Elena screamed just about every time she opened a gift.  It has hard to get pictures of her because she was so quick. 
Jonah loves this motion controlled flying object
Samuel got his very own "dog tags" from Aunt Kelsey and Uncle Scott...he kind of likes them

There was a huge mess, but it was worth it.  Everyone played nicely with all the toys and games.  It took all day to enjoy everything a time or two or three.  I am thinking tomorrow will be more of the same.  Right now this momma is tired after a long and wonderful day!

Merry Christmas to All (Y'all) and to All a Good Night

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