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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Our Favorite 2013 Moments

I asked the kids this morning what their top 3 moments were from this past year.  Knowing that they would probably pick things that happened in the past month I reminded them of some of the things we did this year.  Each child had one thing in common. 

Emma's top three were:

Going to Disney

 Scoring a 9.7 on vault at South State

Her 10th Birthday party at the American Girl Store

For Jonah his top three were:

Going to Disney

Our surprise trip to Galveston for Labor Day weekend

His 8th birthday bowling party

Samuel's top three moments were:

Going to Disney

Going to the USS North Carolina

Playing baseball

Elena's top three were:

Going to Disney....big surprise

Playing with my cousins this summer

Going to the water park

I had a hard time picking just three moments from a year filled with some pretty amazing memories.  As a family we did some really fun things together and took great trips as always.  Drew and I had the opportunity to spend a week in Australia....that was an unexpected trip!  And, despite all our crazy daily busyness I love all the normal day-to-day moments with my four crazy kiddos.  Being their mom is the greatest gift and all my great memories include them or Drew....always!

I did have some favorite pictures from 2013 in no particular order....

Swimming with my kiddos

Elena and Leah on a pirate cruise

All the cousins in Oriental at the harbor

Emma and I being PSU loyal always

Drew and I in Nashville

Drew and I at the WVU-TCU game

Emma qualifying for South State

Annual trip to see Santa and take some festive pictures

Christmas Eve at church

Samuel graduating from preschool

Elena and Samuel playing at a splash pad

This little boy...Jace...asking Elena to dance

Exhausted children after a very, very long and wonderful day at Disney

Jonah without the thug look!

Hanging out at the dock in NC

Hanging out at Kristin's house

Samuel at the Rodeo

Swinging with my kiddos

Emma and Elena on the playground at church

Easter Sunday

Taken in March of Yuenling and she died in June...miss her still

Jonah and I at one of his meets

And, my very favorite picture of all of us was taken last January...almost exactly one year ago.  We were in Nashville visiting Lara and her family.  She took this picture of us and I love it!

I pray that 2014 is as good to us as this past year was....


  1. GREAT year Kortni, can't wait to follow along for another one!

  2. Sounds like a pretty good 2013!! :) Looking forward to what 2014 holds!