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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Getting our Christmas Tree

For the first time in many years we again decided to get a real tree.  I love them, but have not wanted to deal with pine needles while Elena was little.  But, who am I kidding because fake trees seem to shed just as much.  The kids were super excited to go to the tree farm and we had lots of fun selecting the perfect tree.

Getting to ride on a tractor was fun.  Samuel thought he was super cool because Drew let him carry the saw.  Thankfully he is rather cautious with tools for a five year old boy. 

There was lots of picking on mommy because I wanted the perfect tree.  Emma, for some reason, thought she was going to have the last say in what tree we selected.  That is pretty funny!  I always get the last say when picking out the tree.  Everyone else just gets to consult on the matter. 

I had lots of fun taking random pictures of the kids while we were wondering through the field.

The kids did a good job and me too of trying to pick a tree that wasn't too fat or too tall.  I really really want a large tree, but that will have to be in a different house.  We can only have a 7 foot tree.  I think we found the perfect one.  It has just enough big spots for our larger ornaments and it was just fat enough to make Emma happy. 

The kids were in awe of the shaking process.  They watched like someone was doing the best magic trick ever. 

So, now we have the tree at home and it is up.  Drew has the job of putting on the lights.  That will happen tonight. I get to decorate it tomorrow.  Yes, I am a control freak so I do the decorating.  I will save some decorations for the kids to put on after school.  I am not totally mean! 

Jonah, Samuel, and Elena putting on some lights

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  1. Looks like you had a fun time...loved seeing the pictures of course. Getting a tree in Texas is a lot warmer activity than here, for sure. At first I couldn't figure out what seemed strange and then realized it was the lack of boots, coats, etc. Drew's shirt looked like one of Gil's...if so, then the lights were put on very well!!! Hope to see the finished product soon....your house always looks so lovely with all your Christmas decorations showing so many aspects of Christmas and wintertime!!