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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Ellie the Elf's continued silliness

Our Elf has been a little silly this past week.  He was also forgetful as in he stayed in the same place two days in a row.  Boy did that cause some problems with the kiddos.  It was especially bad because Samuel and Elena had left notes for Santa....big sigh from mom on this!

So, here is what Ellie was up to last week....

This is where Ellie stayed for two days....oh the horror!  And, this is the little note that Elena wrote without any help.  I think it says "hi Ellie Elena and then some other letters".  I was impressed.

Ellie made it up to the kids by bringing donuts for breakfast.  He even turned some into snowmen.

After all the donuts, Ellie needed a workout of the day...or WOD!

Finally, Ellie spent some time with baby Jesus.

Until next week....

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