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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Christmas morning is always crazy, fun, and full of energy.  Thankfully, everyone slept until at least 7a which is a present unto itself.  I made our traditional breakfast scones and then lots of present opening.  Since we do not visit family at Christmas we have lots of presents under our tree courtesy of all the aunts, uncles, and grandparents.  The kids are in heaven!

Getting ready to open Santa's present

Happy with the North Pole delivery
We always start with Santa's present followed by stockings and the presents from me and Drew.  I think everyone got what was on his/her list except for Emma.  She wanted a phone...not happening!  Everyone gets one big gift.  This year Jonah got a Kindle which he also used as a mirror.

Samuel got a train set and he loves it!  It is the Pennsylvania Railroad.
Emma was given a beam
Elena received a Leap Pad

a happy Elena
Elena loves her new easel
Drew is always a puzzle when it comes to gifts.  So, in an attempt to be creative we got him a hammock.  He loves them.  I think he was surprised!

I wanted a nice watch and a JJ Watt jersey. I also found this very cool wall hanging at Hobby Lobby and texted Drew a picture of it.  They got me that and I cannot wait to hang it.  I LOVE IT!   Drew listened very well!

Marathon training does not stop just because it is Christmas Day.  I had 10 miles to run today, but I was able to wear my nice, comfortable new socks!  I am pretty sure the kids did not even know I was gone.  They were too busy playing.

Christmas would not be complete without some family pictures.

After weeks of shopping and wrapping, this and a huge pile of boxes is all that is left. 

Well, not really because our family was quite generous to us and there are lots of new toys in our house.  We definitely had a very blessed Christmas!

Merry Christmas!!!!

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