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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas activities

The past few days have been crazy busy.  We have had a major activity every night for over a week and I am so glad tomorrow is Christmas.  We will be able to stay home all day and just relax.  Can't wait!  Until then I wanted to share what fun things we have done during this Christmas season.

First, was the Snow Biz musical at Haude last Monday.  I am going to spare everyone a picture because it was too far away and not very clear.  It was Emma's 5th grade musical and very good.

Next was Elena's ELCP Christmas Show.  She looked beautiful and actually sang.  I think she is the first of our kiddos to sing during the show.  I love this Christmas show because the children are so fun to watch.  Their excitement for Christmas is contagious!

On Friday was the 5th grade Christmas float parade at Haude.  Emma worked on her float off and on for a few weeks, but, of course, we had to add the finishing touches at 9pm Thursday night.  Elena and I headed to Haude early for the parade and sat with Samuel to watch. 
All the kids line the hallways to watch the parade while Christmas music plays throughout the school.  One of the things I love about living in Texas is there is not much fuss about religion in schools...at least at Haude.  Some of the floats depicted the manager scene and that was just wonderful to see.  Emma made a Candy Cane sled and ski slope.  She came up with the idea on her own and managed to use most things from our house.  I thought it looked great!

Friday night we watched a Christmas light show.  It was about 40 minutes and a fun quick evening activity.  The kids watched from Drew's truck...another thing that just seems so Texas!

Saturday night we went to our friends house to decorate gingerbread houses.  This is our second year to do this and it is now officially a tradition!  Kim's mom makes the entire set from scratch.  Our the tradition is to smash and eat the houses together on New Year's Day!  Surprisingly Jonah was the last child to help decorate the house.  I gave up all control and let the kids do what they wanted to do.  I think it turned out really well!

Yesterday we finally baked Christmas cookies.  It is quite the shame that we only have two different cookies to eat this year.  With the lack of time I made Drew's favorite which are Snickerdoodles.  Samuel and Elena helped.  I also made chocolate chip, walnut, oatmeal cookies at Elena's request.  My favorite, sugar cookies, will have to be made at another time.

Finally, it is Christmas Eve and it is tradition to give the kids new pj's.  That happened this morning as did Christmas Even homemade donuts.  Yum!

The Advent Season always seems to pass so quickly.  We have not been able to do as many family activities this year for one reason or another, but we have been faithful with our devotions.  Teaching our children about the meaning of Christmas is foremost for me and Drew.  Tonight we will celebrate Jesus' birth by watching the Christmas Musical at church and attending the Candlelight service.  Tomorrow we will read the Christmas story before opening gifts.  There are lots of fun activities to fill our days and evenings, but Christmas is about Jesus' birth.  This is what Drew and I want Emma, Jonah, Samuel, and Elena to remember each year!

Merry Christmas Eve!!!!

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