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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve for us is all about resting and completing final preparations for Christmas Day.  After a wonderful day of doing nothing much, it was time for church.  Emma, Jonah, and Samuel were in the Night Shift Musical at church.  Emma had a lead role...Lydia.  Samuel was Scamp, a shepherd.  Jonah was in the chorus.

Ready for church

I have almost never been more proud of Emma.  She had so many lines and was just great.  It was great to watch her do so well and to be such a leader at church.  I was very nervous for Samuel.  He knew his lines, but tends not to do well in front of large crowds.  But, he did great.  It was a wonderful show telling the story of Jesus' birth. All the kids were wonderful!   Emma also played the bells in one song and the boys played the chimes in another song.  Elena loved watching the musical.

After the service I "forced" everyone to take pictures by the trees.  I am on the Worship committee and I work very hard to ensure the sanctuary is beautiful during Advent.  For that and because I want great pictures of my family, I needed to have pictures by the "forest of trees". 

I think our church looks beautiful during Advent, but especially during the candlelight service on Christmas Eve.

After attending two church services, it was time for bed.  Following a little NORAD tracking of Santa and sprinkling reindeer food, it was finally time for bed.  The house was quiet and it was time for Santa to come....

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