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Monday, January 13, 2014

A surprise trip to Bowie

This past weekend the girls and I spent the weekend in DC with my sister Kelsey and her family.  It had been way, way, way too long since we had seen them and Drew really knew I missed them.  So, being awesome, he sent us away for the weekend while he took the boys on a boy scout camping trip.  It was a win-win for everyone.

We left late Thursday night so we would have all weekend to visit, play, eat, and visit some more.  We were so happy to see these people...

Kelsey's girls did not know we were coming.  Emma devised a plan to call them when we woke and tell them to look for a surprise in Leah's room.  Then Maya and Hanna were supposed to call her back.  Instead, Emma, Elena, and I were sitting on the bed waiting to video tape their reaction to us being in the room.  It was priceless!

The weather was horrible all weekend.  It was cold and rainy for most of Friday and Saturday.  Thank goodness we just wanted to be at the house.  It was finally sunny on Sunday, but the ground was so wet the girls still had to play inside.  Truly the weather was not a factor in any of our plans.  I was still able to run and all the girls did was play.  Again...perfect!

Leah and Elena are four months apart with Leah being the oldest.  They love each other dearly.  They talk on the phone and talk about each other constantly.  Elena calls Leah her best friend and I really think they are.  Watching them together warms my momma heart.  They get along so well and hardly ever fight...just normal stuff.  I know they were so sad to say good-bye.  They did, however, create a clever plan to send each other a gift.  They exchanged dollars and told us (me and Kels) they were going to buy each other a gift and mail it to the other within 15 days.  Hearing them explain this plan was awesome.  Kelsey and I were happy we learned about the plan or we might have had sad little girls in a few weeks!  I guess we will be shopping for Leah this week.  

Lots of love
Getting ready to watch a movie
The older girls dressed up Leah and Elena for a fashion show.  Leah was a bride and Elena was a princess.  Kels and I saw our 4 year olds suddenly become little teenagers.  It was a little scary. 

Leah may be older, but Elena is about 2 inches taller!
The older girls are also peas in a pod.  Emma (10) and Maya (9) are definitely closer, but Hanna (7) is part of the close knit group without a doubt.  All weekend long the played with their dolls, watched movies, painted nails, and tried to stay away from the little girls. 

My other sister Kristin and her family came down from PA on Saturday.  It was so fun to catch up with them and to play with my sweet nephew Owen.  He was just an itty bitty baby when we saw him in July.  Now Owen is full of quiet personality and is just so pleasant.  He had his own little posse all day Saturday.

Hanna, Maya, Leah, Emma, Elena, and Owen

Owen thought this wig was interesting
Kelsey, me, and Kristin

I had to run twice.  I was happy to run there, but not happy about the weather.  Cold and drizzling...yuck, but I managed.  I love running in Bowie because of the hills and the trails.  It is my second favorite place to run so to be able to run here a week before the marathon was like a breath of fresh air.  I even got to run one mile with Kelsey on Sunday morning.  She joined me for my last mile.  She will be a runner yet!

Loved running through the woods
Kels and I after our run
As a thank you to me and Kels for getting to spend the weekend together, the older girls organized a happy hour party.  It was so sweet.  They made us notes, put out lots of yummy snacks, and made us tea.  I may have added a Yeungling to the celebration.

Kelsey and I talked so much I am not sure we will have to talk on the phone this week....just kidding.  We laughed about silly childhood things and our kids.  We talked and talked and talked.  Scott is such a good guy to have spent the weekend with 7 girls, but he loves us!  June or July is really too far away!!

Going home was both good and bad....

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