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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Park Pictures of crazy cuteness

Last week the kids had off school.  Yes, the epitome of dumb since they had only been back in school for 9 days.  Whatever...it was a beautiful day so we went to the park with our friends.

Ok...so these two pictures were from the day before when Elena and I went to the park.  The weather has been exceptionally nice recently.

I will never get enough of this face!
Friday it was the tire park.....

Jonah and his "I have no idea how to smile anymore expressions" spent most of the time swinging.  I literally mean swinging from one rung to another.  He told me the monkey bars are easy...maybe for him!  He went back and forth between the three different sets for at least 30 minutes.  Crazy boy loves to be a monkey!

Samuel played with Conner...thick as thieves these two!

I had to take the picture above and below because Samuel screamed Drew, his dad, and his grandad.  Samuel is the spitting image of them and especially so standing like this.  What a dear sweet boy!

Samuel and Conner

Elena was attached to either Samuel or Carmendy or Emma...never Jonah.

Elena and Carmendy

Emma's BFF Ashlynn...aka my 5th child came with us to the park.

Friends since they were 2!!

I love taking my kiddos to the park. They can play by themselves for the most part.  I get to sit and watch them.  It is a joy to see them play, be creative, be silly, and just be kids.

the boys...Conner, Jonah, Samuel, and Zachary
Jonah, Emma, Elena, Ashlynn, and Samuel

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